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Stöcklfeld 37, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria
37 Stöcklfeld Kirchberg in Tirol Tirol 6365 AT
Cryo Race Center – unique high-performance center for Kitzbühel

Under Susanne Mitterer, the MCRC Cryo Race Center in Kirchberg near Kitzbühel is opening a cryotherapy and performance center of unprecedented size. Located at Stöcklfeld 37, 6365 Kirchberg, gigantic panoramic windows in a stately mansion over 3 floors offer a breathtaking view of the impressive mountains of Kitzbühel. Against this picturesque backdrop, the Mitterer family offers a selective program to enhance performance and achievement. At the heart of this program is highly effective cryotherapy in high-performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo.

Art of Cryo high performance cold chambers

Art of Cryo high performance cryogenic chambers are the most powerful and effective cryogenic chambers in the world. The unique Art of Cryo refrigeration technology, which is based on 30 years of experience in the development of refrigeration technology, makes it possible to achieve real and stable sub-zero temperatures throughout the day without temperature drops. So the first customer in the morning, as well as the last customer in the evening, can enjoy real and effective cryotherapy at real subzero temperatures. All customers from Kitzbühel will find 3 cold chamber models of Art of Cryo directly in Kirchberg. The highly effective cold therapy in the Vaultz V1 Lux is offered in two versions to guarantee a high flexibility in booking appointments and unique event formats. In addition, cryotherapy is also offered in the two-chamber Vaultz V2 model from Art of Cryo.

New body sensation thanks to the Multi-Cryo-Health systems

The Multi-Cryo-Health systems include any kind of combination therapies and measuring and diagnostic systems, which complement and/or reinforce the effect of cryotherapy, or prove it in different ways.
The combination therapies light therapy, oxygen therapy with ionized oxygen and infrared heat therapy behave without exception complementary with cryotherapy. Vacuum therapy and automatic lymphatic drainage are significantly strengthened by cryotherapy and also intensively supply the body with blood enriched with hormones by cryotherapy. Thus, cryotherapy and vacuum therapy mutually reinforce each other. The applications and application plans are controlled by the highly complex RemediCool Multi-Cryo-Health software.

Highest standard of training in the field of cryotherapy

Kitzbühel’s customers and patients have the exclusive opportunity to receive advice from highly qualified and trained staff. The certified staff create individual therapy and application plans with the goal of performance enhancement, regeneration, well aging and/or pain relief.


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