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Cryochambers Market in Europe

Cryochambers Market in Europe

The important growth factors in the Europe cryochambers market are the quick development of product indications and the regional expansion of product offerings by major players.
In order to accomplish medicinal or aesthetic benefits, such as the activation of physiological processes in the human body, cryotherapy involves the administration of extremely low temperatures (ranging from -170 C to -240 C) for a brief period of time. The booming new idea of whole body cryotherapy is being embraced by Europe’s expanding beauty sector, which is attributed to the expansion of the cryochambers market there. Demand for cryochambers in Europe is rising as more athletes and sportspeople use whole-body cryotherapy.

Numerous sports injuries and the ongoing expansion of cryotherapy applications are some of the factors propelling the Europe cryochambers market’s revenue growth. Key market participants in Europe are concentrating on establishing strategic alliances with important end customers like sports associations.

According to Market Research, the market for cryochambers in Europe will increase from more than US$ 40 million in 2015 to about US$ 66 million by the end of 2024. This entails a CAGR of 5.4% over the anticipated term. The cryochambers market in Europe is predicted to offer a US$ 2.2 million absolute potential over 2016 and a US$ 26 million incremental opportunity between 2016 and 2024.

Whole body cryotherapy’s use in sports medicine is anticipated to drive the Europe cryochambers industry

The market for cryochambers in Europe is primarily driven by the quick uptake by sports and athlete associations, the entry of new players, the release of innovative, cutting-edge products that are user-friendly, alluring product features provided by companies, etc.

Other factors driving the growth of the Europe cryochambers market over the forecast period include the rise in sports injuries, expansion of product indications, and regional expansion of product offerings by leading market players. It is anticipated that facilities like spas and fitness centres would use individual cryotherapy chambers more frequently as a result of the introduction of more effective cryosauna.

The Europe cryochambers market is expected to grow, but there is a lack of data demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of cryotherapy for specific medical applications, a lack of fully developed regulatory pathways, side effects of cryotherapy, a lack of cryogenic liquids and gases in some countries in central and eastern Europe, among other important factors.

Analyst’s Perspective

Sports injuries are on the rise, which gives producers and sellers of cryochambers a chance to increase their installed base.

Athletes’ muscle discomfort and sports injuries are both commonly treated and healed by cryotherapy. The growing frequency of sports injuries worldwide presents makers of cryotherapy chambers with a strong opportunity to grow their business by offering cryosaunas to sports groups. Over 57% of sports-related injuries occur in football and basketball, two activities where cryotherapy can be used to speed up the healing process.