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Population: 180,000 (2022)

In Basel, the northernmost point of Switzerland, close to the German border and the Rhine, one may find the country’s oldest university. Because of this, Basel’s economy heavily depends on tourism. The Bank for International Settlements, which is located in Basel along with other prominent Swiss municipalities, makes the financial sector the city’s most important industry. The chemical industry is particularly substantial, and Basel is where businesses like Novartis, Roche, and Lonza have their corporate offices.

Other significant businesses include trade exhibitions, industry, agriculture (particularly forestry or timber production), media, air travel (Swiss International Air Lines is located on the city’s outskirts), and the media. German is the most widely spoken language in Basel.

It should come as no surprise that Basel, Switzerland is home to some of the most cutting-edge cryo chambers and cryosaunas in the world given that the city is a booming centre of creativity and cutting-edge technology. But what are these therapies, and what advantages do they provide?

A treatment called cryotherapy, commonly referred to as cold therapy, involves briefly subjecting the body to extremely low temperatures. This can be carried out in a cryo chamber, a tightly closed space where liquid nitrogen is used to quickly cool the air, or a cryosauna, which employs cold air to produce the same result.

In both situations, the severe cold sets off the body’s built-in defences, causing blood to rush to the core to safeguard the internal organs. The oxygen and nutrients that are carried by the increased blood flow can aid in lowering inflammation and fostering recovery. The chilly temperatures can also aid in reducing edoema and numbing pain.

Numerous ailments, such as muscle and joint discomfort, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and injuries sustained while participating in sports or other physical activities are frequently treated using cryotherapy. In order to shorten the time needed for recuperation after workouts and to enhance general health and wellbeing, it is also utilised by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

CryoBasel, Cryotherapy Switzerland, and CryoWellness are a few of the Basel-based establishments that provide cryotherapy treatments. These facilities employ cutting-edge technology and have qualified staff members on hand who can help you through the procedure and guarantee your safety and comfort.

So be sure to visit one of Basel’s many cryotherapy facilities if you’re in the city and want to try out this cutting-edge therapy. You’ll not only benefit from cold therapy, but you’ll also be helping Basel’s local innovation and tech culture, which is one of the things that makes the city so special and interesting.

Hochbergerstrasse 70, 4057 Basel, Switzerland
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Aeschenvorstadt 48, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
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