Coolzoone Hamburg

Eppendorfer Weg 245, Hamburg-Nord 20251 Hamburg, Germany
245 Eppendorfer Weg Hamburg Hamburg 20251 DE

“Cryotherapy in the cold chamber Coolzoone Hamburg. The cold chamber, an ice sauna with the latest technology for whole body cold applications. Applications for improvement of metabolism, pain therapy, medical applications such as dermatology or rheumatology. With RemediCool software it is possible to calculate individual time and frequency. Together with multimedia solution during application, every cryosauna visit becomes a highlight. Coolzoone researches with RemediCool, many doctors and specialists over two years in the field of cold air application. Other benefits of cold chamber is reduction of cellulite, support fat burning and improvement of skin appearance. Visit cold chamber in Hamburg now.”

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Magdalenenstraße 18, Hamburg-Eimsbüttel 20148 Hamburg, Germany 2.03 km
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 9, Hamburg-Mitte 20355 Hamburg, Germany 3.46 km
Blankeneser Bahnhofstraße 34, 22587 Hamburg, Germany 11.14 km
The Eissauna® is a cold chamber that originated in the medical field. In the one-person cabin, ga...
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