Cryo business calculator

Cryo business calculator

Cryo business calculator-The cost of operating a cryosauna or a cryochamber is determined by both one-time expenses (such as cryotherapy equipment, suitable ventilation, furnishings, staff training, licences, or permits) and ongoing expenditures (monthly rental costs for the premises, purchase of liquid nitrogen, insurance, staff salary, utility costs, marketing). You may enter your figures to determine how much starting a cryo company will cost you. But how long will it take for your investments to be recouped and your company to become profitable?

Let’s determine how profitable your cryotherapy company is
  • The typical session lasts three minutes.
  • If you receive at least 10 cryotherapy treatments per day, you can receive up to 300 in a month (weekends included).
  • One session typically costs around $35.
  • This workload will keep your centre busy with cryotherapy treatments for about an hour and a half each day, and your monthly income will be $10,500.
  • Your net profit is what remains after one-time costs and regular expenses have been subtracted.


These estimates are, of course, very rough, but they will help you understand what to expect from your company and how long it will take to recoup your investment
Professional Directions

Business of whole-body cryotherapy

The most promising area in the sports and health sectors today is full-body cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy clinic in the area

Most now, the sports and beauty sectors are in demand for cryobusiness using local cryotherapy equipment.

Cryo-facial company

For individuals who don’t want to lose out on all the advantages of nearby cryotherapy, starting a cryotherapy facial company is a fantastic option.

The mobile cryotherapy industry

A new chance for people who wish to offer mobile cryotherapy using high-quality equipment similar to that found in a cryo facility.

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For a one-day training, one cryo specialists will travel to your place. On request, the training is made available.


On any operational concerns, our professionals are always there to advise you.


We provide thorough guidance to assist you in making the best decision based on your demands and the space that is available.


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FAQ About Cryo business calculator
How much does it typically cost to launch a cryotherapy chambers business?

Cryotherapy chamber startup costs are split into two categories: one-time costs and ongoing expenses. And they may vary based on factors such as the location in which you want to operate your cryo centre, the equipment, the services offered, your marketing strategy, etc. Cryotherapy equipment expenditures, licencing (each nation has its own requirements), setting up suitable ventilation, purchasing furnishings, and operator training are all one-time expenses. The monthly rent for the property, utilities, the filling of liquid nitrogen tanks, employee wages, insurance, and marketing are examples of recurring expenditures. The starting price for a cryotherapy chamber business will be around $150 000, depending on all of these factors.

How much does a corporate cryo session cost?

The price of liquid nitrogen is just one component of the total cost of a cryo session; other expenditures include personnel salary and monthly rent. Here, the only fixed cost is the $5 cost of liquid nitrogen for the 3-minute session. Workload can control all other expenditures; the more sessions you run each day, the less each cryo session will cost you. The most important thing is to ensure that service quality is not compromised as workload increases.

Great market prospects are provided by the cryotherapy business model, but can it be profitable if you start from scratch?

Although starting a cryotherapy business from beginning is difficult, it is intriguing and promising. Finding reliable partners and equipment suppliers, developing a development and promotion plan, and calculating all costs and profits all take a lot of work. Starting a cryo business is supported by many donors at every level, from cryo equipment delivery and setup through market analysis and the creation of a marketing plan. Some cryo firms provide flexible payment plans and discounted old cryo equipment to customers who are short on cash.

Contact us if you have any questions about starting your own cryotherapy company.

What stores sell cryotherapy chambers?

It is preferable to get a cryotherapy chamber from a reputable company that has a great deal of good feedback and expertise making cryotherapy equipment. Additionally, the entire piece of equipment needs to be certified by the appropriate agencies and have the required licences.

Get advice on our cryotherapy chambers and other equipment by getting in touch with us.

How much does a cryosauna cost?

When preparing your cryotherapy company, you will undoubtedly need to consider how profitable it will be and how much a cryosauna machine will cost.

How can a cryotherapy business be started?

Your business may provide you with a reliable source of income and will enable you to adapt to new technology as they emerge. But where do you begin? This page is a list of potential upfront costs that a cryotherapy firm can incur.