CRYOSIZER Club M1 Cold chamber

Leopoldstraße 17, 80802 München, Germany
17 Leopoldstraße München Bayern 80802 DE

“Our cold chamber in Munich has been working for you since 2016! You want to burn calories without torture? In our Cryosizer Studio in Munich Schwabing you can experience the effective cold training of the CRYOSTHENIX® method! Let our ice sauna in Schwabing cool you down. Boost your immune system quickly and effectively. Cold training has been successfully established in medicine and high-performance sports for over 30 years. In addition, studies show that white fat cells (metabolically poor) are converted into brown, warming fat cells (metabolically active). They generate heat and burn fatty acid. Thus, calorie consumption is stimulated. Visit us now in our cold chamber in Schwabing.”

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Leopoldstraße 184, 80804 München, Germany 1.86 km
Fürstenrieder Straße 279a, Munich, Germany 8.04 km
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Meglingerstraße 62, 81477 München, Germany 9.43 km
Wolfratshauser Str. 181, 81479 München, Germany 10.02 km
Welcome to our KälteWelt Solln. A modern, innovative and spacious oasis of well-being awaits you ...
Ebersberg 36, 86637 Wertingen, Deutschland 80.76 km
Kurstraße 1, 6323 Bad Häring, Austria 81.5 km
In Bad Häring, Austria, cryotherapy is a well-liked and successful method of enhancing general we...
kitzbuehl-austria-cold-chamber-eissauna (1).jpg
Stöcklfeld 37, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria 95.73 km
Cryo Race Center – unique high-performance center for Kitzbühel Under Susanne Mitterer, the...
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