Local cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy-Cryofans are a type of cutting-edge personal care product. ideal for spas, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and fitness and wellness centres. can be used by anyone that prioritises their health

Concerning local cryotherapy

The idea behind local cryotherapy is to apply extremely low temperatures for a brief period of time to a specific area of a patient’s body. Contracting the muscles during this process increases blood flow to the treated area, reduces inflammation, and hastens cell regeneration. Localized cryotherapy serves to increase physical performance, relieves chronic pain, lowers inflammation, speeds up muscle recovery, enhances blood flow and skin tone, minimises scars, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

For localised ailments like back, knee, elbow, or other joint problems, skin damage, muscle strain, ligament sprains, etc., cryogenic therapies are completely safe, have no side effects, and show excellent results.

Cryotherapy session locally

The duration of the local cryotherapy procedure is brief. For 8–10 minutes, cool, dry air carefully targets the affected areas or spasms. A patient could have “pins and needles” at the conclusion of the surgery, but this sensation immediately goes away.

The impact starts right away and lasts for up to seven days. However, it is preferable to undergo local cryo treatments every 3–4 weeks for a more stable outcome.

Industries that employ local cryotherapy


Sport cryotherapy can be used to tighten skin and increase collagen formation for cosmetic and weight reduction objectives. Localized therapy is useful in reducing cellulite because it is known to enhance blood circulation.

In cryo facials, the skin on the face, neck, and scalp are cooled. These local cryotherapy procedures eliminate blemishes and spots while minimising fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out. Cryo facials minimise redness and puffiness while enhancing skin tone. The question “Does localised cryotherapy work?” never arises for women who have already tried cryo facials.

treatment of pain

Localized cryotherapy reduces inflammation and swelling by rapidly chilling the skin in specific locations. It is useful for persistent pain brought on by inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Spot cryotherapy is a fantastic tool to speed up the healing process following surgery or an injury. It promotes and expedites the body’s natural healing process and heals tissue damage.


Due to the portability and small size of cryogenic blowers, sport cryotherapy can be provided whenever and wherever it is needed, such as during tournaments. In comparison to icing, it is more effective, efficient, and time-saving.

Many athletes utilise a local cryotherapy device to treat and prevent injuries that are frequent among persons who participate in sports and other forms of physical exercise. Natural pain relief from the cold is combined with enhanced circulation to speed up healing and recovery.

FAQ on Local Cryotherapy

A local cryotherapy is what?

The short-term administration of extremely low temperatures to a specific area of a patient’s body is known as local cryotherapy. Local cryotherapy equipment, like Cryofan, is utilised for these purposes. Local cryotherapy is more advantageous in some areas where it is not necessary to subject the entire body to cold because its effects are less comprehensive than those of whole-body cryotherapy.

Local cryotherapy is frequently employed in medical institutions, sports and fitness facilities, beauty operations (cryotherapy facials), and other settings.

How comfortable is localised cryotherapy?

Low-temperature gas streams, primarily made of vaporised liquid nitrogen, are used in localised cryotherapy. Contrary to other conventional cold treatments, it doesn’t contain any wetness, therefore the patient doesn’t actually experience any pain or discomfort (ice packs, ice baths). The affected area is typically left numb and stiff after applying ice until it has warmed up. However, local cryotherapy simply creates the impression of freezing in the muscle tissues; there is no pain or stiffness following treatment. The only sensation a patient may feel during treatment is a “pins and needles” feeling, which passes immediately after the session.

How long does a session of localised cryotherapy last?

Localized cryotherapy treatments are brief; to reach and maintain the desired skin-surface temperature, it takes only 5-8 minutes at a working temperature of -130°C. Depending on how large an area needs to be for the cold to affect it, this period may extend.

Do I require a nearby cryotherapy machine if I operate a beauty parlour?

Adding procedures that can be performed with a nearby cryotherapy device to your beauty salon’s menu of services can greatly increase its offerings. For instance, cryo facials are a non-invasive method of anti-aging that stimulate the skin on the face and neck with the vapour of liquid nitrogen. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin diseases respond very well to local cryotherapy. Additionally, it lessens scarring and skin redness. Your beauty salon’s clientele will be able to take advantage of a local cryotherapy equipment along with numerous other advantages.

Do I require a nearby cryotherapy machine if I run a gym or sports facility?

Professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts worldwide are embracing whole-body and local cryotherapy. It is a good way to manage pain and injuries, heal more quickly, and feel better all around. Due to its portability and compact size, more and more sports facilities are investing in cryotherapy technology, including local cryotherapy systems. It is a simple method to increase the fitness center’s clientele and diversify its offering of services.

If I run a medical facility, do I require a local cryotherapy machine?

The most effective and complete way of treatment and stimulation by extremely cold temperatures right now is cryotherapy. It is utilised by medical and rehabilitation centres all over the world due to its broad spectrum of effects. If you own a medical facility, having a nearby cryotherapy machine might give you a competitive edge and set you apart from the competition with your progressiveness. Devices for local cryotherapy can be transferred from one location to another and employed in a physiotherapy cabinet without taking up more room.