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11404 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, USA
11404 Ventura Boulevard Los Angeles California 91604 US

With cryotherapy, you can hasten your recovery, lessen pain and inflammation, have more energy, be happier, and sleep better. Treatment using localised cryotherapy for sprains, strains, aches, and pains to quickly reduce pain and inflammation Treatment using cryotherapy for facial rejuvenation to enhance collagen formation in the skin and reduce wrinkles and ageing symptoms. For incredibly effective, targeted fat removal, Cryoskin 4.0 attaches four static heads to the required location. By applying compressive microvibration to improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood flow and oxygenation, Endosphères Therapy’s innovative ways treat flaws on the body and face. The proximal regions close to the body’s centre are massaged by the new Ballancer®lymphatic Pro’s veins and lymph nodes. This soft, soothing massage helps to improve lymph circulation by draining the lymph nodes that are typically packed with fluid first. A whole-body light treatment tool called NovoTHOR® employs red and near-infrared light to cure wounds, lessen pain, relax muscles and joints, and improve blood flow. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields is a calming and energising therapy that energises all areas of their lives and stimulates their bodies to improve overall wellness. Dynamic compression tools for recovery and rehab include the NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems. LightStim keeps your skin looking young and nourishes it from the inside out.

Background Founded in 2016

As a franchisee of US Cryotherapy, we launched our company. We have a strong commitment to non-traditional pain management techniques. In addition to reducing pain, inflammation, and improving mood, sleep, and sports recovery, cryotherapy, commonly known as Cryo, is a holistic option. Your route to cryo!

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