Kältekammer-Zentrum Cryo°C

Bornheimer Str. 135-137, Bonn, Germany
135-137 Bornheimer Straße Bonn Nordrhein-Westfalen 53119 DE

The cold chamber center Cryo°C in Bonn is specialized in whole body cold therapy on the most modern level.

We offer cold therapy without nitrogen in our high-quality and purely electric cold chamber at -85°C. In this way, cold therapy becomes an uncomplicated application suitable for everyday use. In order to achieve maximum therapy effects, we adapt the treatment parameters individually to your body and your goals, because every body is different. For this purpose, we use the expertly tested RemediCool software and develop an exclusive and optimal treatment plan.

You will find us directly at the Bonn distributor in the rooms of the Bonn Physio Zentrum. Through our cooperation, we can offer you ideal therapeutic supplements for the various areas of application of cold therapy.

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