The CryoBar West Loop

1215 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607, USA
1215 West Madison Street Chicago Illinois 60607 US

Visit The CryoBar, a health and wellness centre in the centre of West Loop, to experience cryotherapy in Chicago. Higher endorphin synthesis, a caloric burn of 500–800 calories, less inflammation and pain, improved athletic performance and recovery time, younger-looking skin, healthier muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and increased collagen formation are all advantages. Permanent fat cell elimination and body and face toning are features of the non-invasive body sculpting procedure Cryoskin 3.0. There are seven different treatments available at the CryoBar: Whole Body Cryotherapy, Cryo Toning Facials, Localized Cryotherapy, Cryoskin 3.0, Compression Therapy, Celluma Light Therapy, and Infrared Sauna.

Background Founded in 2016

commenced in 2016 Sara Latham has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of cryotherapy. To share the incredible advantages with her fellow Chicagoans, she founded The CryoBar. Prior to opening her own business, she was a client of cryotherapy. Sara received diagnoses for hypothyroidism in December 2013 and osteoarthritis more than ten years earlier. In September 2015, Sara started undergoing whole-body cryotherapy for the reduction of joint pain and inflammation. Sara, who had put on 16 pounds as a result of her thyroid condition, started to lose weight and felt more energised after each whole-body workout. After 7 years of inflammation in her hands, she is now free of all anti-inflammatory medications, has lost all 16 pounds, and is once again able to wear her original wedding band. Sara’s quality of life has genuinely been restored thanks to cryotherapy. Sara can now function normally and pain-free every day thanks to cryotherapy, which also enables her to keep up daily exercise and physical fitness at various sporting levels.

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