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Herthastraße 4, 50969 Köln, Deutschland
4 Herthastraße Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen 50969 DE
CoolZoone Cologne offers cold treatments at -85 degrees Celsius in electric high-performance cold chambers

The high-performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo used at CoolZoone Cologne are the world’s most powerful single-chamber devices. The offer of the cold chamber center makes it possible to cover a multiplicity of ranges of application with the whole body cold application and to deal specifically with each customer individually.

In addition to the range of applications offered by the Cold Chamber Center, CoolZoone, as a research cold chamber center, works together with RemediCool, as well as physicians and professors on application observations for cryotherapy.

The work with RemediCool and the RemediCool software makes it possible to calculate the application time, application repetition and breath support frequency optimally adjusted to the second for each user and to make the application in the cold chamber a highlight.

In addition to the two high-performance cold chambers, state-of-the-art diagnostics are available to all customers and patients free of charge.

With the 3D body scan, a 3D avatar, measured to the millimeter, is created. The avatar is used to determine muscle mass, fat percentage, body measurements and a complex posture analysis.

The free Cardioscan measures heart rate variability, pulse, cell regeneration and much more.

At CoolZoone Cologne you will also find three vacuum therapy devices for vascular training and lymphatic drainage. With the Vacu Avantgarde, in combination with our classic cryotherapy, the effect of vacuum therapy can be significantly increased and multiplied.

Vacuum therapy is also successfully used as a stand-alone application for: Broom tearing, varicose veins, cellulite, cell and tissue weakness, water retention in the legs, circulatory disorders and heavy legs.

In the world of competitive sports, the Vacu Avantgarde has already been used for a decade. Here, vacuum therapy ensures the prevention of sports injuries, accelerated healing processes in case of injuries and improved regeneration.

In the future, CoolZoone Cologne will remain the most modern and innovative cold chamber center in Europe as a research cold chamber center.

In connection with RemediCool, further future-oriented changes in cryotherapy are already being taken care of.

The addition of ionized oxygen during cryotherapy is currently being researched with the scientific expert group and sports science staff.

From 01 November 2021 CoolZoone Cologne offers specially developed Cryo-Events. By the Cryo Event optimally cut to groups, becomes with CoolZoone Cologne each Christmas celebration, team building measure, birthday celebration or bachelor parting an unforgettable highlight.

The events are created and accompanied by world-renowned biohackers and health experts. The duration of the event is about 4 hours.

If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with detailed information about this unique CoolZoone cryo event.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of cold applications and cold chambers, the CoolZoone team can inform and advise you extensively on all questions and concerns in the field of cryotherapy.

CoolZoone – More than cold!

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