cryo chamber

Comparing Localized Cryotherapy Units, Cryotherapy Chambers, and Cryo Saunas

Chambers for Cryotherapy

Cryogenic chambers, which are also used for cryotherapy, have the appearance of enormous refrigerators from the far future.

Principal Features
  • Rooms that are air-cooled when you enter
  • Target the head and body as a whole
  • Run using electric heat exchangers
  • Costing between €79,000 and €270,000.


Positives +
Highest Standards

Chambers is the industry standard since it has a high-end feel. In Europe and the US, exclusive spas and professional sports clubs are particularly fond of it.

There is more space in spacious Cryo chambers than in saunas. Most will permit users to stroll while taking use of their session. In fact, some chambers include rooms that are so spacious that a party of four people can fit within.

icy air

Since they don’t use nitrogen, electric chambers are by definition safer than cryo saunas. They create “cold air” that is safe to breathe in using electric heat exchange technology. (This does not imply that other people are unsafe.)

Cons –
Dependence on the Manufacturer

The manufacturer or a highly experienced engineer must be involved in the installation and maintenance. Therefore, a cryo chamber is definitely not for you and you should move on to the next category if you don’t want to be bound and can’t get long lease periods.

Pricey To Buy

Electric chambers range in price from €79,000 to €270,000, while nitrogen-powered ones start at $75,000. In actuality, an electric chamber was three to six times more expensive than a basic cryo sauna.

Not as icy

Some manufacturers may claim that because electric chambers don’t achieve the same temperatures as their nitrogen equivalents, they don’t feel as chilly. We don’t think the temperature difference makes any impact at all, even if it is technically true.

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Hard To Sell

Used electric chambers-Without a warranty from the vendor, moving such a piece of equipment comes with a lot of risk. And when purchasing used, it’s more difficult to get a financing.

cryo sauna

(Cryo) Saunas for Cryotherapy

You stand tall and wait for three minutes in a cryo sauna, which resembles 3/4 of a freezer from the future.

Principal Features
  • Where you stand, neck-high tubes are used
  • Aim for the entire body but not the head
  • Run on tanks of liquid nitrogen
  • Costing between €40,000 and €65,000

Over the past five years, these single-person units have significantly improved, becoming safer and more effective than before.

Positives +
Reasonable cost

There are many more places to buy cryo saunas. The price of a top-tier unit ranged from $45,000 to $60,000, or roughly half the cost of an average chamber. Even better, you may purchase one from our authorised marketplace for used machines for 70 to 80% of its retail price.

cold vapours

People may disagree with me, but from the perspective of the user, I believe that the sheer fact that a gadget runs on nitrogen makes it the coolest thing about it. I did say nitrogen is awesome, after all. Additionally, the really dense nitrogen vapour is what users adore about it.

Beyond the Box

Saunas are portable and readily stored. You can move within a few hours. It might be a wonderful addition to your service portfolio. Additionally, they will be far simpler to sell than any chamber if company doesn’t take off.

Cons −
Operation LN2

The main disadvantage of cryo saunas is that they use nitrogen to operate. What I’m trying to say is that in order to achieve efficient business operations and boost ROI, you must arrange your entire process correctly.

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For instance, getting nitrogen delivered can be difficult if you don’t have a business that is close to your customers and neighbours because nitrogen tanks can be noisy.

Another option is to schedule customer sessions during specified hours of the day and open bookings for those times. Very little nitrogen will be consumed as a result, which will directly affect your ROI and nitrogen supply chain.

localized cryotherapie

Local Units (Cryo Facial Machines)

To treat pain, inflammation, and puffiness, localised cryotherapy units are applied to specific areas of the face, muscles, and joints.

Principal Features
  • Little appliances with a base and a hose
  • Target particular body parts
  • Liquid nitrogen or electricity
  • Between €7,500 and €18,000
Pros +
Gentle, Smooth Sessions

The user is treated much more “gently” by a localised machine than by its larger counterparts. This is undoubtedly a machine that will work best for you if your specialty is physiotherapy, you work primarily with elderly clients, or you plan to give cryo facials in a beauty salon.

Cons −
Lacks the rush of adrenaline

You won’t experience the reviving and energising sensations that cryotherapy offers unless you have a high threshold for low temperatures.

If you’re catering to athletes or young adults, We would advise purchasing a WBC or FBC machine first, and if you have the funds, adding a localised unit.