What are the recommended intervals between whole body cryotherapy treatments?

How long should it be in between whole-body cryotherapy sessions?

Cryotherapy for the entire body is secure, and you are free to schedule daily treatments if you like. However, there are some suggestions that are pertinent to your objectives:

  • To give your body time to adjust to extremely cold temperatures before beginning cryotherapy, it is preferable to visit a cryosauna two or three times each week for roughly three weeks.
  • You can schedule 3-5 sessions per week for a month or longer if you wish to use cryotherapy for general wellness or weight loss but do not have any major health issues that need to be treated.
  • One or two sessions will be sufficient for muscle rehabilitation following a significant physical exertion.
  • It is advised to attend 3-5 sessions per week for at least two months if you have chronic pain (such as arthritis pain) and general inflammation.
  • Three sessions per week for three weeks are required for postoperative recuperation.
  • It will be sufficient to have 1-3 sessions per week if you want to experience the benefits of cryotherapy for your mood, energy levels, or improved sleep.
  • You can undergo 2-4 sessions of localised cryotherapy once a week for at least two months to experience anti-aging effects and other skin health advantages.

If you have experience with cryotherapy, you can perform it every day or even twice a day without needing to wait a long time in between sessions.

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