Cold chamber Berlin Physiotherapy by Behr

Drakestraße 33A, Berlin, Deutschland
33a Drakestraße Berlin Berlin 12205 DE
Cold chamber Berlin Physiotherapy by Behr

The Behr physiotherapy practice at Drakestraße 33a, 1220 Berlin, now has an electric cold chamber for carrying out whole-body cold therapy.
In the practice for holistic and innovative health concepts, the managing director and therapist Benedikt von Behr relies on the latest, most effective and most effective treatment methods in the field of physiotherapy, new health, sports and performance.

Cold chamber Berlin – the high-performance cold chamber from Art of Cryo is unique in Berlin

Due to the high quality standards of the innovative Berlin practice, only one cold chamber manufacturer came into question when selecting the cold chamber.
The high-performance cold chamber V1 Lux from Art of Cryo is currently the most exclusive and most powerful cold chamber in the world. The V1 Lux is particularly suitable for integration into a physiotherapy practice, thanks to the spacious interior, exercises and movement exercises can be carried out after surgical interventions and sports injuries during cold therapy.
This is how the V1 Lux cold chamber becomes a training and exercise system. The large treatment room with the large glass front is particularly suitable for patients and customers with claustrophobia.

Cryotherapy Berlin effect and proof

By using the high-precision 3D body scanner, the effect of cryotherapy can be directly demonstrated. The high-resolution scanner creates a precise avatar of the body in less than 1 minute and can thus prove the effect of the cryotherapy with a control measurement after cryotherapy is ready for use.

The avatar and the measured values are transmitted directly to the RemediCool software app, recorded and evaluated.

RemediCool cryotherapy software exclusively in Berlin

The RemediCool software calculates the optimal application time and application repetition for each customer and patient based on the digital anamnesis (age, gender, body weight, area of application, sleeping behavior, skin type; body size and sporting activities. This is the only way to ensure optimal and safe cryotherapy. Vitall data can now also be recorded and recorded in real time before, during and after cryotherapy in the RemediCOol software thanks to the interface to the MCRC Vital X. In this way, blood pressure, heart rate variability, heart rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation can be measured directly in the RemediCOol software documented and evaluated using the RemediCool app. Use of the RemediCool app is free for every customer and patient at the Benedikt von Behr practice.

If you have any further questions about real cryotherapy in Berlin, cold chamber Berlin and physiotherapy cryotherapy, we would be happy to answer them personally. The Benedikt von Behr practice looks forward to your visit.

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