Chill Space

124 E 40th St ste 603, New York, NY 10016, USA
124 East 40th Street New York New York 10016 US

Dr. Josh Kantor, the founder and licenced holistic chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, and Clinical Nutritionist, is the inspiration behind the wellness spa Chill Space in NYC. Through the teaching of holistic health and wellness approaches, Dr. Kantor has dedicated his life’s work to healing, recovering from sports or work-related injuries, and preventing future sickness.

A trip to the Chill Space infrared sauna may seem to you like a leisurely sweat. Your body has entered Dr. Kantor’s wellness chamber, which features the greatest chromotherapy and infrared illumination available to support tissue healing and cell restoration.

Wellness Spa Services in NYC

Your body’s circulation and blood flow will be better, which will relax your muscles, flush out any lactic acid buildup, and boost your flexibility. Your metabolism will speed up, and your lymphatic circulation will also rise. Your body will rid itself of lactic acid, heavy metals, excess salt, uric acid, and other toxins as you simply sit there. Naturally, you will experience the advantages of stress relief.

You are invited to use the private shower in your room at the Clearlight to clean up after yourself. Nothing has been overlooked by Dr. Kantor. The best organic body wash, conditioner, and shampoo are always available in the shower. Even taking a shower after a sauna session will be enjoyable, similar to eating a chocolate souffle after a fantastic gourmet meal. Your body will have through an incredible holistic therapy in approximately an hour, and you’ll feel completely different once it’s over. Your body is brand new again because to Dr. Kantor, so thank you.

Although they are not all featured here, our infrared sauna page has further information on the health advantages of Chill Space sauna sessions. Our goal is to convey to you the knowledge that Dr. Kantor has learned from his extensive training and experience and applied in a way that is motivated by his desire to see people recover their health. These health advantages also apply to all Chill Space services; they are not exclusive to the sauna. Chill Space Wellness Spa is special since it is owned and operated by the same individual who built a successful and effective NYC wellness spa. Dr. Kantor personally oversees the execution of every last, most minute element of his holistic treatment procedures.
constructed in 2015.

In order to give New Yorkers a holistic approach to health and wellness, we opened our doors in 2015. Our Cryotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, and Infrared Sauna services can help you feel revitalised and improve the health of your body. Schedule a meeting right away!

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