Using cryotherapy to treat or prevent health issues is a painless and safe option. There are no limitations on the number of times one may undergo a cryotherapy session; one can do it daily and even twice a day if necessary (except common sense). However, this is not usually necessary.

To give the body time to adjust to extremely cold temperatures, it is advised for people who are just beginning their cryotherapy journey to visit a cryosauna two or three times each week for roughly three weeks.

In order to recover more quickly and get rid of muscular discomfort after physical overload and intense training, athletes typically employ cryotherapy.

It is advised to do 3-5 sessions per week for at least one month if a patient wants to use cryotherapy for general wellness or weight loss but does not have any major health issues to address. It will enough to have 1-3 sessions per week to experience the positive effects of cryotherapy for mood, energy levels, or improved sleep.
Cryotherapy treatments can be used to treat chronic pain (such as arthritis pain) and general inflammation for a minimum of two months.
It is suggested to attend at least three sessions each week for a minimum of three weeks for post-surgical recuperation.
To find out how frequently you should undergo cryotherapy, it is best to speak with your doctor or the facility management.

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