Are cryotherapy businesses licensed?

Are companies offering cryotherapy licenced?

Are cryotherapy firms licenced?

is the most frequent query from new clients. What kind of permits would be necessary?

The truth is that there isn’t a single solution. It all depends on how each nation or even state regulates the usage of cryotherapy equipment and the circumstances surrounding liquid nitrogen storage. A new cryotherapy firm may be required to give additional information on the safety and certification of their cryo equipment. The standards for a cryotherapy business in Nevada might be very different from those in New York, for instance. The same may be said for the licences required to launch a mobile cryo company. Because of this, we urge all of our clients to get familiar with these subtleties in advance.

For our part, we offer all the required certifications and quality control records. All of our cryotherapy apparatus complies with the fundamental standards for equipment of this kind.

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