Cryotherapy benefits for psoriasis

Cryotherapy for psoriasis

Could psoriasis be treated with whole-body cryotherapy?

The skin condition known as psoriasis is not communicable and is characterised by erythemato-squamous lesions. Psoriasis comes in a variety of forms, and each person’s level of severity varies.

Since there is currently no cure for psoriasis, symptomatic therapy is the major focus. In addition to local treatment (ointments, medications having a systemic impact), immune system interventions, light and laser therapy, and some spa therapies are also used.

Studies on cryotherapy and psoriasis are widely available today. There are several hot-button problems, but every study points to one conclusion: whole-body cryotherapy is safe and may be helpful for psoriasis.

advantages of cryotherapy for psoriasis

The primary advantages of cryotherapy are that it concentrates on symptomatic treatment:

  • irritation decreases in intensity
  • the scratching stops
  • the intensity of the scaling declines
  • decline in the illness
  • after the cryo treatment, the patient experiences alleviation

Given that the head is outside of the cryosauna, whole-body cryotherapy is ineffective for treating psoriasis of the scalp. A localised cryotherapy device may be employed in this situation.

Cryotherapy: Does it treat psoriasis?

Cryotherapy for psoriasis frequently raises questions about its efficacy. Recently, whole-body cryotherapy was added to the list of psoriasis treatments. But these days, cryotherapy is rising in popularity at the speed of light, and thousands of people use it every day to treat skin conditions like psoriasis.

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