Defy Egypt

Strip Rd, الشيخ زايد، Giza Governorate 3240401, Egypt

What is hindering you?

We know that chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety impose severe limitations on the capabilities of our bodies. Therefore, our expert team works one-on-one with each client to develop a customised wellness programme that exceeds those limitations. Sensory deprivation chambers calm the mind while localised or whole-body cryotherapy eliminates pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

So inform us, what is stopping you? We are eager to assist. Simply contact us or send us a text message to get started.

No other studio combines the benefits of cryotherapy, sensory deprivation float chambers, far-infrared saunas, zero gravity massage systems, BEMER, and a variety of other technologies. We are a wellness studio that customises a science-based wellness programme for each individual client to help them feel their utmost best. Our innovative approach combines a broad range of innovative services to help you attain and maintain your mental and physical best.

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What are your limitations? Chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety are known to impose severe lim...
New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt 50.11 km
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