Stephanstraße 3, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
3 Stephanstraße Frankfurt am Main Hessen 60313 DE
Cold chamber Frankfurt – New standards for cryotherapy

With doctorfrost a brand new cryotherapy concept opens in the center of Frankfurt, which uses the power of real cold in a versatile way.
In this trend-setting concept, the more than 30 years of experience in high-performance cold chamber construction of Art of Cryo is used to finally be able to offer all customers in Frankfurt real cryotherapy at stable minus temperatures.

Unique in Frankfurt – high performance cold chambers from Art of Cryo

Two high-performance cold chambers V1 Lux from Art of Cryo in the exclusive stainless steel design of Capristo are used. This high-performance cold chamber model is already used in the most exclusive luxury and spa facilities for genuine cryotherapy. Here all customers and patients are guaranteed real -85 degrees Celsius, measured on the body.
For all medical applications and cold experienced customers, the V2 high performance cold chamber from Art of Cryo with stable -110 degrees Celsius is available.
This model is a highly efficient two-chamber solution with temperature ranges from -60 (pre-chamber) to -110 degrees (main chamber) Celsius. The V2 also features high quality Capristo stainless steel design elements.
By choosing this exclusive cold chamber offering, doctorfrost can fulfill its self-imposed goal of providing only the best for its customers with full customer satisfaction.

High performance with the latest cryotherapy combination therapies

In the former building of the Frankfurt Diamond Exchange, a completely new performance concept is integrated into the classical cryotherapy on an area of more than 250 square meters. Thus, the world’s latest combination therapy equipment will also be used. Combination variants of cryotherapy, light therapy, oxygen therapy, infrared therapy and vacuum therapy make a completely new range of applications at high-performance level possible.
The Multi-CryoHacking-System of Art of Cryo, which is unique in Frankfurt, is used for preparation, combination and supplementation for an optimal and effective cold application in the most diverse fields of application. Of course, doctorfrost also has two Art of Cryo Vacus for automatic lymphatic drainage and vascular training.

Individual application time and application repetition

Safe and efficient application is also ensured by the RemediCool software/app, which uses two different, specially developed combination algorithms to calculate the optimum application time and repetition for each V1 Lux and V2 for all customers and patients. These calculations are based on body values such as gender, age, weight, height, health status, sleep and stress behavior, and the desired application areas. The extremely precise application time, determined with highly complex software, ensures the best therapy results for already more than 150,000 customers worldwide.
The ultra-precise 3D body scan is used to measure and prove the success of real cryotherapy. This body scanner measures millimeter-precise circumferences of the body and creates an exact avatar of the body. All personal measurements can be individually stored in the RemediCool app.

The entire doctorfrost team is looking forward to your visit.


“Cold chamber Frankfurt: The cold chamber center doctorfrost in Frankfurt sets new standards in cryotherapy in Frankfurt. You will find a V2 high performance cold chamber with real -110°C and two V1 LUX high performance cold chambers with -85°C from Art of Cryo. We guarantee you real and stable minus temperatures for an optimal cryotherapy. Exclusively in Frankfurt we use the unique RemediCool software/app for calculating the application time, application repetitions and breathing rate. This guarantees safety at all times during the cold application. All employees are trained and certified cryotherapy specialists. New: Lymphatic drainage Frankfurt – in our Vacu-Flow devices from Art of Cryo”.

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