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Garnisonsgalerie 4, Garnisonsgalerie, 34369 Hofgeismar, Deutschland
4 Garnisonsgalerie Hofgeismar Hessen 34369 DE

Here you find all cold chamber cryotherapy providers in Kassel and surroundings. We have compiled here for you all locations with cryosauna and cold chamber, which guarantee real minus temperatures.

These cold chamber operators are all trained as cryo-operators and have a broad expertise in cold therapy.

Basically, a distinction is made between a nitrogen application and a whole body cold application in an electrically operated whole body cold chamber.

In the case of electric whole-body cold chambers, there are serious differences in the quality of the various cold chamber models. This is particularly evident in the temperatures shown on the display and the actual temperatures measured on the body.

Even with nitrogen cold chambers, the displayed temperature deviates considerably from the actual temperatures.

We show you in Kassel all medical high performance cold chambers, which can offer you a real cryotherapy.

Before the first cold application, a detailed medical history (preferably in digital form) must be taken to exclude contraindications. Real high performance cold chambers must not be entered with wet skin, open shoes and without gloves.

Application time must be determined individually for each client and patient. Factors such as heart rate variability, gender, age, body size, skin type and application area should be considered when calculating the proper application time. The application repetition of cold therapy should be determined over the various application areas.

True high performance cold chambers should only be attended by trained and educated personnel.

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