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Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment based on the localised or whole-body application of intense cold for brief periods to reduce the body’s surface temperature to 4°C. This decrease improves blood circulation, resulting in increased metabolic and caloric expenditure. Multiple health benefits are stimulated by the increased circulation of healthful nutrients in the body.

It has been demonstrated that the cutting-edge technology produces remarkable results in the areas of performance, recovery, wellness, beauty, and weight loss. With its versatility and efficacy, cryotherapy is a potent, non-invasive treatment that provides a vast array of health and wellness benefits and can be used for a variety of applications.

Regarding °CRYO

“Naturally conceived, technologically reinterpreted.”

°CRYO, founded in 2013, is your expert partner in Wellness, Fitness, Recovery, Beauty, and Slimming. We are the only provider of a fully immersive cryotherapy chamber that can safely reach -140°C temperatures, with centres all over the globe using the latest technology from the technology pioneers, °CRYO Science.

°CRYO is the COOLEST option for anyone seeking to maximise their health and performance.


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