What location should the pressure tank be in?

Several conditions must be met at the location where the pressure tank will be located:

  • It should have adequate ventilation
  • The pressure tank must be kept safely away from combustibles, ignition sources, and sources of extreme heat
  • Because it is made of metal and transmits electricity, the pressurised tank must be maintained away from electrical circuits, open flames, sparks, etc.
  • This room’s temperature must not be higher than +52°C. Heat causes the gas to expand, which raises pressure inside the tank and increases the chance of an explosion
  • For the previously indicated reason, there shouldn’t be any direct sunlight
  • Tanks should be kept out of the path of traffic and emergency exits

In conclusion, it is recommended that nitrogen pressurised tanks be stored upright in a place that is well-ventilated, dry, cold, secure, and shielded from the elements—preferably one that is also fire-resistant.

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