How can you spot a faulty pressure tank?

There are various indicators that a pressure tank is defective and unfit for use:

  • The tank clearly shows traces of damage or alterations.
  • Neither a date stamp nor a code indicating that an inspection was performed, or it is past due (inspection period of usually 5 years)
  • There is no label with identification and ratings, the name or emblem of the maker, and a statement that it is appropriate for the gas type.
  • It does not meet the local requirements for pressure regulators, and the gauges are not labelled to meet the relevant local requirements.
  • The tank connection is not perpendicular to the regulator body and is soiled with oils, greases, solvents, or debris.
  • The cylinder pressure does not match the pressure rating.
  • Damaged and altered pressure release valves

Pick a dependable provider and use pressurised tanks according to all safety regulations to prevent any issues.

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