How much pressure should be in a pressure tank?

What level of pressure is ideal for a pressure tank?

Low pressure tanks and high pressure tanks are the two types of pressurised tanks available for storing nitrogen, respectively.

For the withdrawal of liquid nitrogen, low pressure tanks have a working pressure range of 1.5 bar and occasionally up to 4 bar. These stainless steel tanks are usually mobile thanks to spinning casters, although occasionally a pallet frame or stainless steel transport cart with air tyres may be used instead. These pressure tanks may be available with an optional pressure-building apparatus and/or capacitive level-measuring probe.

For the withdrawal of gaseous nitrogen, high pressure tanks have a working pressure range of 4 bar and, in certain circumstances, up to 37 bar. These tanks frequently have bigger capacities, ranging from 180 to 230 litres to 600 to 1000 litres and beyond.

Only pressurised tanks with a pressure-building system, which guarantees a maximum working pressure of 4 bar, are offered by us.

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