Financing for Cryo Machines

The profitability of cryotherapy machines

As consultants for cryotherapy machines, our customers frequently ask us for machine comparisons but infrequently ask for assistance evaluating the opportunity that lies ahead. Well, we still do it, which means that 75% of our paying clients choose not to use cryotherapy.

Should You Invest In A Machine For Cryotherapy?

Any manufacturer would find it extremely difficult to provide a response to that question because it has nothing to do with hardware. What we mean is that if you don’t fulfil the following criteria, it won’t matter what brand or model of machine you use:

1. An Interesting Location

Remember that cryotherapy treatments only last three minutes. Customers won’t have to travel back and forth for an hour to attend 3-minute sessions! Even if your store is small, it must be close to the points of interest of your clients.

2. An advertising plan

This begins with a precise plan to produce leads, whether through partnerships or online ads… and to keep customers, you’ll also need a service offering. No matter how self-assured you are, marketing planning is crucial.

3. enough capital

You may spend more than €5,000 on your launch marketing. Additionally, marketing costs can quickly drain your resources because you’ll need to spend at least €1,600 a month on advertising. Additionally, it may be necessary for you to rely only on your savings for the first year because it can take months to establish a customer base.

4. Your Participation

We conducted a study back in 2021 and it is very evident that business owners who manage operations on a daily basis have considerably greater success rates than those who outsource daily management. Planned and easy.


Why Machines Aren’t Important for Profitability?

It will be more difficult to break even on some machines, especially hybrid ones with higher operating costs than nitrogen and electric equipment.

However, if you have any expertise managing a cryotherapy facility, you are aware that consumers won’t be concerned with the machine’s brand. They want to pay a reasonable amount and take advantage of secure cold sessions in a comfortable setting.

It need to be about your company!

In conclusion, your company, not the machine, should be profitable. You should invest in cryotherapy if you have the proper setup and the resources to meet your business goals.

Should You Think About Purchasing Used Equipment?

It is always more enticing to purchase a brand-new cryotherapy machine, yet brand-new cryogenic chambers can be expensive.

In fact, if you’re on a tight budget and run the figures, you could think that buying old equipment will allow you to save money that would otherwise be spent on marketing and operational costs.

Consider used equipment if your total budget for the project is less than $100,000.

Years ago, purchasing a used cryo sauna took more time spent on thorough research because there were several things prospective buyers needed to understand to be sure they were making a wise investment.

You had to estimate its present worth, its state, and the level of upkeep it needs. Then, in order to decide whether to buy from the person or business selling the machine, you needed to discover a little bit about them. However, those times are long over!

It Used To Be Dangerous To Buy Used Machines, But Not Anymore!

Now that you can easily explore our used equipment area, doing research is much simpler and takes much less time.

From parts to capitalised future repair costs, the cost is covered by sellers, who also guarantee the quality of the devices to buyers.

Consider used equipment from our marketplace if your budget is less than $40k for the machine or $100k for the complete project.

Additionally, purchasing new equipment has certain benefits

There are still a few factors that give new cryogenic chambers and saunas an advantage for prospective purchasers, even if the advantages of buying a used chamber have undoubtedly evolved over the years.

First off, you have a lot more time until you will probably need repairs. Because technology is continually evolving, newer models have longer lifespans than previous models.

Second, every chamber comes with a manufacturer guarantee, so if you do encounter any issues with it, you can get it fixed for free.

And last, because they want to encourage people to buy new, you might be able to acquire loans at considerably better interest rates.