Filatova Street, 48, Kherson, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine
48 Filatova Street Kherson Khersons'ka oblast 73000 UA

Individual cryochambers, often known as cryosaunas, are a popular type of cryotherapy equipment under the Space Cabin brand.

Products from Space Cabin have been available for approximately 20 years. As a manufacturer, PP Kriokomplekt places a high priority on quality improvement, depending on their manufacturing expertise as well as their R&D capabilities to ensure that their machines are not only secure and dependable, but also simple to use.
Cryosaunas were first only sold by Space Cabin on the home market. But when whole body cryotherapy became more and more well-known around the world in 2010, the company began exporting its products and established itself in the world market. Today, Space Cabin has distributors and clients all over the world. Therefore, their potential clientele can pick a convenient location to use our cryotherapy equipment firsthand.

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